As always, just when we think we’ve gotten it all, the work explodes into an expanded, even more powerful, expression of Itself. It came about in a variety of ways that the Universe has been communicating … the least of which is a health food bar!

But before I explain, here is a list of the new core beliefs THAT MUST BE BALANCED AND REDIRECTED BEFORE YOU WORK ON ANYTHING ELSE MORE SPECIFIC.


If it’s good for me, I don’t like it      POSITIVE: If it’s good for me, I love it!

If I like it, it’s not good for me        POSITIVE: If I like it, it’s good for me!

You can see that, if these umbrella beliefs are not redirected to the positive, all other direction is compromised. This is because we are doing all self-love and personal work because it’s good for us, and empowers us more. So if we have the umbrella belief that “we don’t like that” we will most definitely thwart our creation in varied ways.

Here are the new directed, simple steps:

1) I claim that if something is good for me, I LOVE it! And if I love something, it’s good for me. I choose to love and create all things that are good for me.

2) I am creating_____________ (state what you want/your intention.)

3) I invoke the symbol, the formula, the Violet Flame and The Golden Light. I Am Divine Love.

4) I command that the PHYSICAL experience of this be made manifest in my life now.

According to the channel, we have not been directing the physical experience, which is, of course, what we all want. Now that is clearly included.

Have fun playing with this, and email me your feedback!  


“The more you focus on the excuse of what’s holding you back, the less you create the permission to move forward.” 

-Dee Wallace