Many of you know about the challenges I have been having in my office keeping responsible assistants on board. Three years ago I would have celebrated in the victimness of ” Oh, poor me” and ” Why can’t life be easy”…sound familiar? I would have reverted back to my old PATTERNS and plunged into the toilet of negative thought until I crawled back out again. Now I stop myself.
I talk to myself, make myself laugh, and ask for help. And help has shown up in all kinds of blessings called friends. I have never appreciated the statement “We get by with a little help from our friends” more than these past two weeks. A very old friend and past assistant came to help me through until I can find yet another replacement, and it has opened up new possibilities that had not gotten my focus before all this went down. Like I preach to you…look for the pony. When there is a lot of poop, there is usually a beautiful pony hiding in it.
It was refreshing to hear my own inner voice re-balancing me:”  Really, Dee? You want a pity party? Maybe you should look around at all your friends who have major health challenges, or the hundreds of people who just had their homes burned and lost everything.” It was exciting to see that, using the work I teach, I had literally taught myself to CHOOSE to think and act/react differently. Then I had the power and energy to regroup and forge ahead. I left the overwhelm ( described by the channel as lack of decision) and could take action again.
If I could hang all my friends on the Christmas tree this year I would. It would be a tree laden with love and support and willingness. There would be outstretched arms and enveloped hugs. So I hold them in my heart with appreciation and respect and great gratitude for being my community. For being my people. You are my people, and I love you!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Dee


Blessings, Dee