I wanted to focus on Joy today. I like joy. I like it more than the turmoil and fear that seems to be permeating everything. And when I asked the channel about how to approach it, it wanted me to write about being born.  This is the opportunity to BE BORN AGAIN as a great country by being born as a great people, which begins by being born as a great person. It is a very personal birthday. It is a birthday of choice. No one says we have to be born again into this new challenge, or celebrate this birthday as a new beginning. But to choose not to, well, that’s a choice that creates exactly what we want…no more choice.

I am tired of not being happy. Period. I am tired of allowing political bullshit to define my world and the joy in my world. As a matter of fact, I am sick and tired. I realized that working with my Little Girl and getting her on board with joy/freedom/happiness was making me feeeeeeeeeeel better. Most of my annoying little physical challenges were…relieved. Less. To my great astonishment, I was literally experiencing what the channel has espoused to us for years: Love Heals Everything.

And then the attorney general got fired. And I got pissed. And I reacted. And my body, God love it, followed right along. It sensed the tension. It experienced the anger. It started shaking and trembling again. And I got the message loud and clear: CHOOSE JOY NO MATTER WHAT.

So, I am asking you to try it. Consciously look away and insist on Joy for two days. See how your body and psyche react. Feel into the freedom you experience by setting yourself free from your reactions. It’s just not worth it, guys, to wreak havoc on ourselves because we are not controlling our fear and rage. We have to walk our talk and focus on Joy. Our bodies and psyches are begging us: TAKE CARE OF ME FIRST.  By God, choose a new birthday no matter what age you are. And that, my friends, is the very definition of self-love.

Blessings, Dee