The channel has invited us to join with the Christ Essence and BE LOVE…to be born as the divine essence of love that creates healing, abundance, acceptance, and Knowing that permeates our Being and sends it out to the world and The Universe to be bounced back to us as the reality of our lives, and the lives of the masses who accept it, and in return, create more of it.
We are literally at yet another turning point in our evolution of advanced beings. The challenge is that we have bought the belief ( As you believe, it is delivered unto you) that science is the end all and be all of advancement into this turning point, and therefore, we deny the powerful message that ” Love Is All You Need.”
But wasn’t that EXACTLY the energy of the Christ figure: the greatest of these is love. The channel has told us firmly: love heals all and creates all. And yet, instead of developing that skill of practicing and living love, we keep asking and searching and doubting and looking to science for the answers. Remember the famous message from The Wizard of Oz: You had the power all along Dorothy. E.T.: Keep your heart light on ( love ). Peter Pan ( think happy thoughts and you fly! (And they did.)  When are we going to accept that all we must choose is love?
When we do.  Make the choice. Choose to be born as the next embodiment of Christ: LOVE. Choose to let this be the Christmas that you expand into your creative greatness as a force of LOVE for the world. Be the light that the Star beckons others to find, and allow your power to affect the world. It is time. It is beyond time. Choose now.
Blessings for this season…and lifetime…of love.  Dee
Blessings, Dee