This exploration into the brain is so exciting I can barely stand it! As you know, I am working with a brain expert and doing bio-feedback to retrain my fight-or-flight brain to calm down and assess each situation and creation in a calm, creative way.

Fortunately, I am working with genius people who understand my work as a healer and are helping me decipher the channel’s message and how it translates in to brain speak.

Case in point: I keep getting messages about the frontal lobe, the pituitary and pineal opening, and sending messages down the brain stem to help keep the heart open. My facilitator explained to me that that made perfect sense: when the FOCUS is brought back to the frontal lobe, which is responsible for forethought and impulse control, it distracts parts of the parietal and occipital which is about memory. My brain can choose to focus on NOW and what I want to choose, instead of reacting from memories. Choice to Reaction.

We know from our work that creation is about choice. Training our brains to be integrated into focusing on that can, understandably, expedite matters. And when we are in the present moment of creation, we move out of the memories urging us to return to fight or flight, and that allow our hearts to be more open and in trust.

I asked him, when I tapped the high point of my forehead, why my anxiety line dropped on the read out. He explained it was because I was momentarily confusing the brain and changing its focus. And you know what he told me next? Juggling was a great way to move into that state of positive brain confusion. The brain can’t “think” when you juggle. You are so “in the moment” that you are just in the flow. I smiled at our age-old adage of “juggling life.” If we could only make that a positive! And I remembered what a high it is in acting and exercise when you are in the “zone.”

I know that when our pineal and pituitary are open, we channel higher information.  Our intuitive guidance system is flowing. So it stands to reason that the more we are “in the flow” and not reacting to old memories and hurts and perceptions , our brain is functioning more in INTEGRATION with us, our desires and our direction.

It is exciting to know, really KNOW, that there is a method, a plan, and understanding beyond hoping and praying that change can happen. As Ramtha, The White Book states: When we use our whole brain, we will be God. And we will remember the message from The Wizard of Oz: You had the power all along, Dorothy.

Blessings, Dee