Conscious: Awake to one’s own creation | Creation: The act of creating

What we teach in this community is creating our lives because we are awake to our own existence. We are not controlled by circumstances, reactions, other’s fears, old memories or past behavior. We are awake to the Power of Who We Are and choose to create ourselves fully in the moment and in a conscious state.

In Neale Donald Walsh’s book “Conversations With God, Book Four,” God states: The degree a species is living in an awakened state is reflected by the degree to which that species self regulates. In other words…how CONSCIOUSLY he chooses and directs his own creation of self. That is what all our teachings are about.

The challenge we are all fortunate enough to play with right now, no matter how frustrating that might be, is choosing to be in the moment…every moment…so the muscle of conscious choice is exercised consistently and permanently. We are in the state of grace of awakening ourselves to the self-creation we are here to experience. Hallelujah!

There is no need to judge. That creates us separate from all energy. Understanding takes the place of judgement.

There is no need to “pay for our sins.” Everything we have done is simply a part of the learning process.

There is no need to “work” toward anything. There is only to choose in the moment, every moment, how you want to define who you are.

Our only focus should be “How can I choose Love in this moment, to create myself more consciously and consistently?”

To know we have the power to be the power that uses the power is the quintessential definition of freedom. And you want to be free…right?

Blessings, Dee