Speaking at the last KRYON event in Seattle was a huge, gratifying experience for me. I was surrounded by beautiful, loving people who appreciated and honored me. And I got to look at, redirect, and acknowledge much of my self-limiting thoughts.


Many of the people there channel in a very different way than I do, and bring in different, more technical material. That gave me pause. My little Deanna reminded me about how she has never felt “smart.” I reminded her I was smart in a whole different way than she understood, and walked her through my insights and accuracy of my channel.


The talk was, from what was reported to me, a huge success. People “put together” understandings of how they were holding themselves back. We had a lot of fun, and shifted a lot of energy. It felt good to serve. It felt great to speak…one of my favorite things to do.


The first night all the speakers had dinner, and in the midst of my delicious fish, a message came in for one of the presenters about “re-calibrating” her electrical circuit.


What was interesting was the next day, many speakers addressed the electrical grid of the Universe. And I got to acknowledge that my channel was right in alignment. The beauty of my channel is: I only get the information I need. I don’t really have to understand it. I just have to trust it. That is why I brought you the info on the show Sunday morning about “re-calibrating your electrical frequencies to be in alignment and harmony with the electrical grid of the Universe through Divine Love.”


Being out of alignment is what puts us in fear of our own power, because we subconsciously think we are “going against the Universe/God.” But we ARE the Universe/God, and must be in harmony and alignment with that knowing.


So let’s claim together: I KNOW and I AM CLEAR. It is the age of empowerment, and we all must seize it!