The series I have been doing for three years is finally coming to a close. I’m glad. And yet I will miss many of the people I have grown close to. But the info from the last webinar keeps lingering in my consciousness: things have to end for something else to begin. It is, truly, the circle of energy in a continuing re-imagining of Itself.  And that is what excites me.
I never wanted to do a long running play.
I never like doing more than four takes of a scene.
I never like discussing stuff over and over. I rarely watch a movie I have seen before. Been there done that. I love new. Give me new. I get bored with replays of anything. I suppose if we looked at death like that, it would be easier for us all: I’ve lived this life. Done the best I could. Had a lot of experiences. Learned a lot of lessons. Time to move on to a new classroom. Maybe we just get bored of replaying the same life that is, now, fulfilled.
The only answer to this dilemma is to keep creating: don’t replay. Write some new dialogue, play a new scene, make a different life movie. But keep creating.
I have no idea what retirement looks like in my life, but it sure as hell won’t be quitting. That would be the replay of death for me. I plan to be recreating till I call my own final curtain. At least I’ll go out with the excitement of my own standing ovation: Good Girl Dee! You did it your way. Keep that circle of life going……forever.
Blessings, Dee