The primary belief being shared is: I don’t have control. If that belief is present in any of us, we will attract more of the fear and doubt that the collective is vibrationally sending out. We will be a “match” to the frequency, which will hook into our energetic knowing. DON’T GO THERE.


Now, more than ever, we must be vigilant in holding our Knowing and commanding what we intend to create: Today, I am in control of the creation of me.


Consciously direct, and practice, that YOU are the power, in all circumstances, that chooses love and joy in the creation of your life.


Consciously direct, and practice, seeing the world as a world of open hearts that are governed by love.


Consciously state: Today, I live in a country of Power through Divine Love, respect for all people and energy (Pets, environment etc.), integrity, honesty, and truthfulness


Remember, it is vitally important to direct the above and feel the love and joy around the creation and reality of all. Only then are we actively and consciously creating a world of love and unity we envision, for all energy. Be the light that sends the signal of love out to The Universe. You ARE the beacon that directs the manifestation safely to the shore.


“When we consciously create ourselves, we do not attract challenging energy into our field.”

-Dee Wallace