I just returned from Jennifer McLean’s amazing MasterWorks Healing Conference. It was a glorious gathering of amazing souls asking for growth, empowerment, and shift. We laughed, we cried, sometimes we even argued for our points of view, leading to more expansion and understanding. The love was palpable. The acceptance all-encompassing.

I opened the weekend with a speech about Spirituality, Religion and Brain Science. Then followed several, completely diverse, and entirely amazing speakers who kept us riveted with their insight and expertise. I helped others grow. Others helped me. It was a perfect dance with the Universe and love.

I was honored to be a part of it.

When I was reviewing the weekend on the long drive home, it occurred to me that there were two themes that emerged from everyone: Love and Responsibility. Love is the strongest force on Earth. Responsibility to choose it is mandatory for evolving souls.

Tonight I am exhausted and filled up at the same time. I am celebrating all the insights I gleaned and have many new people I want to introduce you to over the next few months.  I am in gratitude for Jennifer McLean bringing us all together. I am in gratitude for this community and all the miraculous information we access together.

I am in gratitude for love.

May we all live it, breathe it, and experience it daily and forever.


“I love sharing my life with people”   

-Anjelah Johnson