I finally had the experience I have been looking for to explain the connection of EXPERIENCE that I am yearning to teach all of you. 

You see, I have “understood” it for a long time. But I never moved into “Knowing” it until today. Today changed my life, and this work, exponentially forever. I finally understand the One. Not from my brain, but from my Being.

I was using this glorious Sunday, after sharing time with you on our Sunday show, to read a book, “The Mind and the Brain,” that had been calling to me. I cuddled up in bed, and plunged in. 

“Don’t worry,” the channel whispered, “You won’t understand it all, but you will understand enough.” 

And then I read the sentence: “Consciousness is Knowing that you Know.” 

It went on to explain the difference in the technical way the brain sees red … all the connections that create that happening. But that does not create the EXPERIENCE of red … the memories it ignites, the emotions, etc. Someone who is colorblind can look at red and his brain is “seeing red,” but he does not have an experience of red. He doesn’t “Know” red.

That is my intention: to experience for myself, and my intention to teach you. And today, I entered into that glorious place of Knowing Through Experience.

I chose to do the breathing exercise I keep placing before you at the behest of the channel. I used the direction, I am health, wellness and moneyas I fell deeper into the connection. 

And then it happened: a deep, expansive, totally joy filled, light filled, experience of being One with … It. I WAS light, I WAS health, I WAS wellness, I WAS money, and I WAS the light, the frequency of all that. I WAS the experience, and I knew that I knew.

It was glorious. Mind-blowing. Powerful. Humbling. I just…………Knew. 

I knew God, I knew creation, I knew how it all worked. I have no fear because I KNOW I am being the creation of all I want. However you get there, get there. The breathing exercise is a very good way if you do it consistently. Mindfulness meditation from Love is another. Prayer from Love works, too, if you use it powerfully. The channel is saying even the jumping up and down like a little child and stating, “I’m so happy I Am __________” will lead you to it.

Once you EXPERIENCE it, you will never lose it again. Ever. Because you will BE IT. 

Be the light of You, the Light of Creation. Shine, baby, shine. Touch the world with your brightness. 



“If you go on working with the Light available, you will meet your Master, and he himself will be seeking you.”  

 -Eden Phillpotts