I want to begin discussing some of the Core Beliefs listed on the Sheets so everyone understands them and their importance in the creation process. The first one the channel suggested is number 49: I cannot create with other energy.


In fact, that is all you CAN create with. If everything is energy, then all creation involves all energy.


Sometimes, in our zealousness to “be our own creators,” we forget we are in partnership with the Creative Force, which is Energy. We partner with energy when we acknowledge it, direct it, love it, trust it, and allow it to take form. Just like your significant other, you are in a relationship with energy.


It is also important to remember that there must be a balance of feminine and masculine in our work with other energy. The feminine is the heart guidance, and the masculine is the action carrying out that guidance. And that in itself is an example of “creating with other energy.”


So, reach into the energy of All that Is, tell it what you want, trust it, hold Love with it, and let go. YOU are where it all is created first, and the partnership is the completion of the dream.