‘Twas the day after Christmas, and wrapping was everywhere

Nic lost his gameboy

And Ollie, his bear.

We knew they were in the house, but just couldn’t find

Everyone’s stuff, no matter how hard we tried.



We tore through the trash

In case we might find a win,

We did find a gift card

That had gotten mixed in!


We finally gave up

And ended the search,

And started to pack up

The booty and merch.


When we all were surprised

In a suitcase to find,

The gameboy and bear

Waiting inside.


The youngest boy, Ollie,

Walked up in all smiles,

With more gifts he thought

Should travel the miles.


Why Ollie, sweetheart, why do you give

Your bear and the gamboy and your new case of art?

He looked and he smiled and said to us all

“Cause giving makes a happy heart”


So out of the mouth of a babe comes the truth

Of the true meaning of Christmas, straight from the heart,

And though we were happy and very relieved

I think this was the very best gift I received!.


Tomorrow we leave to go back to our home

And begin a New Year with its promise of hope,

I’ll remember each day, every smile, all the fare,

And Ollie, who was willing to give me his bear.



Here’s to a bright New Year and creating with the innocence and love of a little child.