In my travels shooting, and on the film set in Louisiana, I found myself in a rather deep conversation with one of my drivers about love and the election.


He was a Catholic and had been brought up by a loving mother who taught him the value of good ideals. He had checked out my website and was very interested in what I teach, and how that agreed, or disagreed, with what he had been taught.


I explained to him the power, and importance, of love: that it most dynamic tool of creation in the world. We talked about how God preached love, and to “think only on love,” and to turn the other cheek, because the poison you hold inside only poisons you. I expressed that I felt many of the things in our world right now definitely did not resonate with Love: children in cages ripped from their families, lying, bullying, name-calling, hurting the planet. And if we really didn’t want to continue creating a world that expressed these things, we had to vote for love. Voting for love is voting for God.


And then he asked a question that leveled me: what about an eye for an eye? The Good Book talks about that, also.


Well, that kind of stopped me.


So I looked it up. It isn’t in the Bible. Anywhere.

The passage that most people point to is in Exodus. Literally, what it was talking about is a guideline for laying down laws for people to live by. And states: “that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter into the kingdom of Heaven.” That one I like.


An “eye for any eye” comes from the Hammurabi Code of Laws, written in pagan times in 1754BC. But, my God (literally), many people of faith still think Christ said to do this!


But he brought up a point. In many places, The Good Book talks love, and it talks revenge. How the hell do you reconcile that?

So I went to the channel, where all my highest guidance is. And this was the clarity:


1) That is the mixed signal we have been putting out for eons: I will love you until you hurt me, or disagree with me, then I have the right to judge you. And we know, the signal we put out is the one returned to us.


2) I have to give up me, so I can hate you to protect myself.


3) All energy in all dimensions believes this is true.


I’m really staggered around all this. But it is true. We choose to stay in love until we think we must retaliate in hate and fear in order to CREATE ourselves. And thus, we continue the self-diminishing patterns of limited creation through love.


PLEASE, in this most important week, be conscious to move into the state of love, and command:


I see a world of righteous love, where all people live in harmony and communication of the heart.


“Our mind is capable of passing beyond the dividing line we have created for it. Beyond the pairs of opposites of which the world exists, other new insights begin.”

-Hermann Hesse