Control has been up for me a lot this year. And when anything is up for me, the channel is bringing it to my attention to bring to you. That means it is up for healing within all of us

I believe that is why our webinars are so very powerful: because we are tuned in and in agreement to heal the subjects presenting themselves.

The world is in a battle for control because we are in war within ourselves: what part of us will we control, direct, and focus into creation? The challenge is that there is the positive and negative sides of control.

The positive: I control myself, my desires, my creation to express the highest form of the ideals I choose.

The negative: I have to control all other energy (people) to choose the same choices, or I will not have the right to choose mine.

The focus here goes awry when we do not really know we are in charge of self-creation, and so “they” are taking over. Everyone has the God-given right to choose who they want to be, and the life they want to express. The question arising in the world right now is: Is it possible to be me and allow them to be them, KNOWING that is the perfect order of creation and that I AM SAFE.

We are being tested to see if we really KNOW what we have learned, studied and preached. The world is an illusion manifesting around us and pulling our focus from what we truly KNOW: that our thoughts, feelings, focus and action are creating for us all in this very moment. We live in a world of right/wrong, good/bad so our choices are IN OUR FACE. Whatever is “in your face” right now is where your greatest gift is.

Everytime…everytime…everytime you become aware of what you don’t want, consciously feel love into what you DO want. Make a choice – not out of fear, but from CHOICE. Take your power back and focus it toward what you want. Know love is the highest power. Remember that YOU are the power, love, joy and choice, and be happy.

Blessings, Dee