It always happens when I come to Maui. I get back to me. My vibration realigns with the current of the waves, and magical things happen in my awareness. Yesterday dolphins surrounded our boat as we went out to snorkel. They swam and played and jumped. It was spiritual. I remembered saying to myself before we left, “I’m calling the dolphins.” It was something Gabrielle and I would do whenever we went out on the water. But I had learned much since that time when I was first learning about creation work. Back then we were willing and trying so hard that the dolphins seldom came when we “called” them.  They came when they chose. Yesterday, I just stated it as a fond memory and let it go. I let it go with a smile. I stated it and let it go. And they came.

I’ve been reading a lot since arriving on my island, and am currently reading the manuscript to Joe Vitale’s new book because I am honored to be writing the forward for it. You’re going to want to read it. Something huge clicked within me when I read a quote of Joe’s: THE MEANING YOU GIVE AN EVENT IS ACTUALLY THE BELIEF THAT CREATED THE EVENT. It threw me back in my cabana. Something resonated so deeply within me. I got something different in a deeper way. Having just been nominated for the Emmy, and not winning, I thought that would be a perfect example to explore. What meaning did I give it? What words did I speak about it? Here is a stream of my thoughts:

I am a winner already/it doesn’t matter if you win/ it’s all about the work/ it would be nice BUT…/and then I began hearing my family’s voices…and basically it came down to, “you’re a nice girl. A humble girl. Go after it all, but don’t expect to win, just be happy with what you are given/ you’ll be more humble if you don’t go all the way” – All of this led to the enormous realization that I had defined myself as an acceptor. I was not actively creating what I wanted in this experience. I was saying, “Yes Dee. It would be nice. But you don’t really believe….”

Now, how does this all work in with the Dolphin story above? Because the two worlds need to merge as One. There is that magical place where you simply say “I am calling in the Dolphins. I am calling in the Emmy. I am calling in the money/mate/ success etc.” And you feel the joy of it and let it go. Most of us are still pushing and trying to “make it happen,” or we are going “it would be nice, but…”

This led to a very lengthy call with Marilyn Jenett, which ultimately led to us searching for the same clue for both of us to expand and create what we want. I told her I had been writing her mantra, “I am receiving. I am receiving now. I am receiving all the Wealth the Universe has for me now.” We talked and explored some more, and then, literally, the light bulb flashed on simultaneously at exactly the same time for both of us. IT IS ABOUT LOVE.  My God, this is the basis of everything I teach. You’d think I just would go there automatically.  That’s what we need to claim and write! I AM RECEIVING. I AM RECEIVING NOW. I AM RECEIVING ALL THE LOVE THE UNIVERSE HAS FOR ME NOW!”

Everything is the physical expression of love/light made into physical form. When we allow ourselves to be loved unconditionally by everyone and everything in the Universe, we are gifted. I encourage you to begin writing this 25 times a day and feeling your love place while you put pen to paper. Longhand. Teach your brain and subconscious to KNOW this. Let’s allow the miracles to happen just by calling in, accepting, letting go and being loved. Gotta run! The dolphins are calling!

Aloha and Blessings, Dee