We must be vigilant about our thoughts and intentions around this election. What do you believe will happen? Because those beliefs are manifested into reality.


Look away from the polls. Look away from the press. Be your own creator. What is it, exactly, that we want? We all know what we DON’T want, but are we clear about what we DO want? Here is the channel’s highest claim for the outcome of the election:  I Am the Powerful God of Me who magnetizes the Divine Right People into all leadership posts in this country. I Am calling in all people who are in alignment with truth, integrity, honor, balance, joy and Unity… I Am the electrical charge that creates.


I asked if we shouldn’t include that all election places are run fairly and legally. And the channel replied that if all the above was in place, the election sites were in place also. Duh. Should have known that!


Please, be proactive in your direction of what you want. Remember, when the majority of energy comes together in unifies agreement and direction, our desires are manifested into reality.