The one wish of all energy: To know it is equal and one with all other energy.
That sounds pretty simple. The challenge is living the principle that creates that realization.
And that principle is: I have to be it for the reality to be.
The claim comes first. The claim comes first. The claim comes first. And a claim is a demand and direction of energy.
I am equal with all energy. All energy is equal to me. That is my new understanding. I am committed to choosing that, intending that, thinking that and practicing that.
I am the power that chooses what I want to create.

So I create that. And I choose love and acceptance of the equality of all energy.
We must step forward. Now. And it is a different choice than the old religious doctrines of “turn the other cheek” which intimated a lack of power. This is actually accepting our power and how it creates, affects and shapes energy. Ours and the world.

Since the beginning of time, we have been given this message, but so rarely do we live it, that we forget it is a basic truth of creation. Then when men like Christ, Buddha, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Theresa actually move us with their embodiment of the truth, we create pedestals to place them on as if they have lived what is impossible for us. But it is NOT impossible for us. It is what we are here to do and create. And so, we must claim the right, the knowledge, the ability and the action of the powerful creators of love that we are.

Everywhere in your life this week, choose love. Choose to send love and feel love and be love and create love. Send it to Isis and the governments and the diseases and the rapists and the homeless. Send it with every fiber and cell and emotion within you. You are the change. You have the power. You are magnificent. And so it is.

Blessings, Dee