You all know my beliefs that all diseases and ailments are based in faulty core belief systems. When we discover the true core of the energetic problems, the dis-ease can clear itself. I will attempt to put the following into a cohesive summary.

I have been having some pretty severe heartburn. Now, this wouldn’t have alarmed me if it hadn’t gotten so bad that I fell ill at dinner and almost passed out in the bathroom. It was time to take care of this. I have never been prone to heartburn in my life…ever. It began very mildly, and very intermittently, about a year and a half ago.

At the same time, I had begun my series. At the same time, I have been having brain sessions to teach my brain NOT to automatically go into fight or flight, as it learned to do in my alcoholic home during my childhood. All of these factors are important in what I am about to share.

In my childhood, I learned that if I wasn’t in control, the whole family was in jeopardy. It became a life and death need. Control was my savior I could depend on. Control kept me safe…and allowed me to keep creating who I was.

On my show, I had no control. I felt unheard and unappreciated. So what did my little girl do? She got scared to death. To my little girl, everyone was in jeopardy. It was energetic death.

Then, at my last brain session, where we are supposed to “let go” and “give over” to the videos we were watching, we discovered that WHEN I LET GO I WAS MORE IN FIGHT OR FLIGHT. Again, giving up control affected me in the opposite way than it did most people.

However, when I finally went in for the endoscopy to check the root of the heartburn, they found the beginning of a hiatal hernia. Nothing serious. But when I looked up the energetic meaning in the body book, it blew my mind with its accuracy:

  • “Hands on domination/determination”- 
  • They are maniacally controlling of the environment. They try to pin everything down.
  • They rupture all their relationships, as they struggle under the strain of of enormous burdens, as they experience it.
  • Much of what they do is incorrect manifestation of creative expression in the direction of trying to “hands on” pin everything down.      

This is how the world talks to us, and works with us, to acknowledge the places within that are ready to be healed. I am asking myself, in no uncertain terms, to create a new meaning of control in my life: that the highest form of control for me now is always choosing to know there is peace, safety and acceptance in this world for me. I no longer have to micromanage others and control all outcomes to know I am safe. I have to control my knowing that I am.

Now my heartburn has subsided. Now I can direct my body to heal, and I am vibrationally in alignment with that healing. I no longer am fighting myself. Your body is your friend. Love it, take care of it, and listen to it. It will lead you to the truth!

Blessings, Dee