I was talking to my friend and fellow healer, Nadia Angelini, about the patterns we keep repeating and the breakthrough information that came in for our last webinar regarding the Little Child’s signal being stronger than our adult signal, proving once again the importance of the Little Child and the effects that early training and modeling have in our adult lives. We discussed how that made sense: many of our brain’s neuropathways are created by age eight.


And then this sentence fell out of her mouth: “We keep recreating disappointment.”


It stopped me so much that I put our conversation on hold while I wrote it down.


Literally, our brains have created pathways designed to EXPECT disappointment. And until we re-direct those pathways, we continue to be caught in a loop of recreating … disappointment.


The next mind-blowing information that dropped in like a torpedo is that we now have ONE CLAIM for any and all of what we want to create: I AM DIVINE LOVE!


Interestingly, we were given that information toward the beginning of this work. But we wanted there to be MORE. We didn’t think it could be that simple. The good news is we have a thorough understanding now of the components that make up Divine Love, written down and compiled on The Sheets. And you can sum it up in 4 points:


1) We are powerful Gods who love ourselves.

2) We are powerful Gods who love and respect all energy.

3) We are powerful Gods who create.

4) We are the energy that directs all energy.


Those are the components of Divine Love. Embrace the greatness of the God you are to experience the Divine Love that brings all into creation. And expect joy and love and miracles.


I Am Divine Love.


And so it is.




“Only divine love bestows the keys to knowledge.”
-Arthur Rimbaud


“I Am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.”
-William Blake