I want to give you some insight into what’s going on right now in our expansion process. We are being pushed. Out of our comfort zones. Beyond our limits. 

Through what we have formerly believed possible for us to achieve. I don’t know why we are all so surprised. It is what we have been claiming. Asking for. Demanding. 

It feels scary. The unknown always is. It feels out of our comfort zone. It’s like we’ve finally reached the big, scary door leading to the dark closet where we have to prove to ourselves there really is no monster inside, but opening the door is almost impossible because we aren’t 100% sure. And yet, it is the only way to move on. We have to open the door. It’s time to open the door. It’s where our freedom is.

And there really is a simple way to move into that freedom: TAKE ACTION. Take any kind of action. Make a plan. Write your thoughts down. Create your intentions. Go. Do. Move. It is the only way to get your momentum back and claim your creative power over yourself and your creation. You have to take charge, and then the powerful energy opens up and you feel alive again.

I know. Last week I was feeling negative. I was feeling … old. My energy was lagging. My positive light of me was diminished. I kept looking at WHY I was feeling this way instead of doing what we all know to do: ask, “What do I want?” I sat down and listed my intentions for the new year. And I was back. I moved back into my empowerment.

Now I am going to share something very personal with you. What created this funk was that I realized I had accomplished everything on my list: my Ted Talks, my movies, my healing expansion, my work outs. But the biggest realization was that for the first time, I realized my daughter was fine. She was there. She was safe. She could take care of herself. And that had always been my biggest job. Who was I without that responsibility? Who was I without that definition?

You see, sometimes when you open that big scary door and you find you are safe and free, you don’t know what to do with the part of you that IS free. And the only salvation is to keep creating yourself in new and exciting and, yes, scary ways. We just have to keep opening those doors, finding that freedom, and deciding what to do and where to go next. Always creating something new. Someone new. Till the very last minute until the eternal new. What an awesome rabbit hole of exploration! How do you want to create yourself today? In this minute? Open the door.




“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

– Dale Carnegie