I just realized a very interesting fact about last year: I was focused on “turning seventy.” Now, as you well might conclude from our work, that had all kinds of subconscious beliefs hidden within it.

There is an age where we all believe we are “old.” Mine obviously was seventy.

There is an age/time when we start buying that we must wind down…physically, mentally and certainly, creatively.

I’m not supposed to be here, and I don’t belong (being older.) That makes it difficult to accept the facts AND CREATE THEM THE WAY YOU WANT THEM TO BE.

All the above brings up the old, ” Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen” and creates the victimness of not allowing all the possibilities of I Am the Creation of Me.

As I look back, I can see how this very subliminal belief system affected my life last year: I didn’t have as much energy (heh, I’m turning seventy!) 

I created a lot more struggle than I needed to. I wasn’t as happy. My definition of Who I Am was diminished.

But the most important thing I realized was….as soon as I actually turned seventy, I felt great! My energy was back to full gear, everything became easier, my self-definition and esteem returned.

It was the FEAR and PERCEPTIONS of turning seventy, not the fact of BEING seventy!

I believe this is a major lesson in life. If something is putting us in fear… decide, act, face it, deal with it. It is the expectation and lack of choice that puts us in that alternate Universe of no action and “sitting in our stew,” as my mom would say. And we can sit there for a very long time. Lifetimes, even.

This realization has opened a whole new joyful attack on life. It’s made me happier. 

So, take a moment to ask yourself: Have I stopped? Slowed down? Become a little depressed? Not quite so happy as before? 

Then look deeply into what belief systems, that you are not aware of, might be contributing to this. 

Is it age related? Did you witness something around an age re: your parents that is now plugging you in? Are there messages from society you are buying into? 

Ask, claim you know the answer, and then listen. But above all, don’t accept it as ” the way things are.” Because the way things are…is the way we create them to be.

Every day in every way I’m getting better and better. 

I am aging younger every day.

Money flows to me easily.

I am excited about life.

The world is on my side!

And so, it is!




“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

– Dale Carnegie