I have been musing over the last few films I have done and how art is imitating and dovetailing with my life as a healer.


The first movie was a delightful little romantic comedy about my daughter who, in her middle school years, had made a vision board. Cut to years later and none of those dreams on the vision board had come to be. She moves back in with me, disillusioned and dismayed. As her mother, I can see her spark has gone out, and I proceed to work a little plan to create the appearance that a couple of those things just might be coming true! This rebuilds her BELIEF, and by the end of the picture, she creates everything she wanted…even though it LOOKS different than how she pictured it! It is a story about belief and knowing and visualizing. A fun romp through where I spend most of my life as a healer.


The next movie was a family film where I play a grandmother who we find out ultimately, is a witch. My granddaughter says to me, “I thought all witches were bad!” And I reply, “Oh no! Whether you are good or evil is always a CHOICE.” Sound familiar?


The next film was a horror film about a little girl who is taken over by an evil doppelganger. and it becomes the battle between the good little girl and her evil counterpart. Much like the work we do with belief systems: do we empower the positive ones or allow the negative ones to control us. In this film, the negative wins. But, c’mon guys…it’s a horror film!


Yes, art imitates life. In fact, consciousness imitates life. Everything we focus on, believe in, think on and feel deeply about we magnetize to us. Even film parts. Annnnnnd what are you focused on today?