So here I am, in Capetown, South Africa. One of the most beautiful places on Earth, and totally foreign to many things American. I mean, really, doesn’t EVERY place have Law and Order on TV? And where are all the familiar faces on CNN?

The TV is like a foreign object I have to figure out. The program times are in military, 24 hr time, which makes my brain freeze, and, OMG, they don’t have Activia Black Cherry Yogurt. 

Help! I am a fish out of water! OK, Dee. Breathe and … adapt.

It’s amazing what happens to you when your routine is interrupted and you give over. I watched an amazing program that explored truthfulness, and how we all lie to some extent for various reasons. Right up my alley with the healing work. 

There was another that explored back pain, which is really interesting to me, as I brought with me the book April Mollner discussed on our last webinar. It is about research proving that much back, neck and shoulder pain is emotionally based and tied to some emotional stressor. 

This was exceptionally interesting to me that this was the only thing I could get to play on the tube because of the clear intention I have declared in healing ourselves physically.

And I decided that, instead of being frustrated with not being able to watch T.V., I would actually read that book which has me all excited. It is so connected to our work, and I can’t wait to share it with you. If you are struggling with any kind of back or shoulder pain, I would order it: Healing Back Pain by Dr. John E. Sarno.

My point here is, because I couldn’t fill my time with the known and usual, The Universe found ways to bring insights to me that otherwise I may not have been open to, much like when your defenses are down when you are sleeping and dreaming. It’s been, well, exciting.

No doubt I will still feel withdrawals of not having Law and Order and Rachel Maddow, but I am excited in what will surface next in the life exploration of Dee Wallace in South Africa. 

I am open Universe. Bring it on!




“In the game of life, less diversity means fewer options for change. Wild or domesticated, panda or pea, adaptation is the key to survival.”

– Cary Fowler