OK. Hold on to your hats and open up your minds. Since the new frequency, 200-o1 (knowing we are God) came in and is being used, lots of weird things are happening and honestly, it’s taken me this long to understand what the channel is communicating.
Basically it’s this: We are going out of balance, out of alignment, and dealing with confusion because we are literally between the two worlds of knowing and not knowing. We are in that cross-over period where the old is falling away (but trying desperately to hang on), and the new, more unlimited thinking and possibilities of the new claim: “I Know I Am God,” (frequency 200-o1).
If you work with any kind of muscle testing, and always check whether you are balanced, you have noticed you need to re-balance yourself much more often. This will go on for a few more days until the acceptance of 200-o1 is totally in place for us. Once our hearts are totally open and accepting of this, the power of clarity takes over and we…KNOW. And that is freedom.
NEWS FLASH: I was just demonstrating the use of the pendulum and asked for my yes/no and maybe to be demonstrated. My maybe, always an up/down straight line motion, went to my yes, a full counterclockwise circle.  It stopped me cold. And then I distinctly heard: There IS NO MAYBE when you KNOW, which is the transition we are making right now.  And you don’t keep asking/looking when you KNOW. This is beyond exciting.
So choose to play, beautiful people. Claim the new frequency with an open heart, and allow yourselves to embrace this new adventure of freedom and power.


Blessings, Dee