I love that state of euphoria when you are filled up with love and joy and wonderment. Sometimes it happens in church, sometimes when I see a rainbow, sometimes when I look at a baby, or my daughter, or hear an incredible song or choir. Every one of those experiences has one thing in common: they open my heart.
We keep getting more and more information regarding how important an open heart is in the creation process. In fact, creation of that euphoric state of being in the creation of what we want literally cannot happen if your heart is not open.
The challenge is that most of us have been taught the heart opens BECAUSE of something: money, love, the job, the health the….whatever. We have been taught to depend on SOMETHING ELSE to open our hearts. The Universe is waiting to feeeeeeeeeeel your open heart so it can create that SOMETHING ELSE with you. It doesn’t make sense to our conscious minds. Hell, it doesn’t make sense period! I have to feel good and feel love while I’m really feeling like crap? I have to feel good and feel love while I don’t have enough money, or the home I want, or the relationship I am yearning to have? But YES!! That is the way it works. Want more money? Love money before you have it. Want more health? Love that body while you are creating health. You get the picture.
As Abraham Hicks says….when you feel good, you are in the state of creating what you want. You are in “harmony” with what you want. You are in “alignment” with what you want. Different words. Same principle. If you want something, love and open your heart around it FIRST.
Then your brain says ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it! Creating this is FUN! It’s not a burden. It’s not a struggle. It’s an open heart thing!
So let’s explore ways to always open our hearts and be in joy. That is how we get what we want. Fun, huh?
Blessings, Dee