I am back working out with my trainer after two years of Covid (thank God.) Working out helps keep me sane and feeling good about myself. I call him my Obi-Wan Kenobe. He may be a trainer, but he is definitely wise beyond words. We often have little mini philosophical conversations while he is putting me through my paces. He also has his hands in all kinds of things that excite him.


He has a strawberry farm and was showing me pictures of how the strawberry starts off as a flower, then goes into a bud, and finally blossoms fully into the delicious, juicy strawberries we all love to consume.


He also shared with me how gigantic his “puppy” had become … taller than his son when up on his hind legs … but a “sweetheart and a baby.”


And then … he showed me his new horse. A beautiful, magnificent painted pony, who had a lot of, ahem, behavioral problems. His owner offered to take him back because he was not trainable. But Ivan was wiser than that. He saw the horse’s soul and his potential.


He proceeded to explain to me how the horse was buggy trained as an infant, and whipped a lot on his flanks. So when anyone touched him there, he would pull away. Getting close to him and saddling him was an issue. But there, in the video I’ve included below, was Ivan and that horse, riding as one majestic whole. I asked him how he handled breaking him of that habit. “You just have to be consistent,” he replied. “You keep gently touching and gently moving closer until the pattern is broken.”


It hit me in the heart. That’s what we do in our community: we gently love ourselves, consistently, with positive re-direction, until the patterns are replaced with trust and self-love. It occurred to me yet again: yes, we are all one energy, you, me, Ivan, my beloved Freedom, and the horse. One beautiful energy waiting to be loved!