And then there is North Korea. Really, Universe? How much more pressure can a human race take? I am reminded in an instant that all pressure is self-assumed. Great. But challenging it is to hold the balance. So here are the facts the channel is giving you to help you remain somewhat objective:
1) Whether you are religious at the present moment or not, your cells are remembering all the stories from the beginning of time about the fires and earthquakes and the end of the world. Be conscious that this does not apply to this moment. Be conscious that this is a sense memory of many older lifetimes. You know how creation works, so shift those memories into new perspectives and hold the balance.
2) All these natural “disasters” are happening because the dimensions are overlapping and coming together. This is causing the chakras (energy centers) of the Universe to open and release energy into the atmosphere. THIS IS A GOOD THING overall. Of course, our personal experiences may be affected in negative ways as the people in Houston and Florida can attest to.
3) The more we keep our hearts open, the greater the healing and balance returns. One of the ways the Universe succeeds in this is our outpouring of love and desire to help our fellow human beings. It stirs us to CHOOSE to move into love.
4) We must embrace the belief and knowing that WE ARE FREE. Free to feel, create and accept. When we fight the acceptance of our own creation, we create “weather patterns of storm” within us that affect the atmosphere. As within, so without.
And so we are reminded that what appears to be chaos has order and what can create fear can be directed and channeled into love. That’s the answer for all peace, and the atmosphere will respond.


Blessings, Dee