When I am really supposed to focus on something that will expand our information, the Universe usually delivers the message in threes: three times hearing a word/phrase, three times seeing the same message in different places etc.


Recently, I have been witnessing frantic, I-can’t-sit-down energy in people. Energy that is frenetic. Energy that is not focused. Energy that is just “busy” but without a real intention.


So here, right now in this minute, we are going to ask the channel: Give us clarity on what you want us to know about this observation.


The Channel: You think that by “keeping busy” you are creating your life. You are not. You are actually deflecting life. Have you never heard the phrase “take time to smell the flowers”? All this “doing” and hurrying and scurrying and looking at ways to stay busy leaves you no time to be centered and really create. It gives you the ILLUSION of creating. What you want is a balance: quiet, introspective creation then taken into action. You will never truly experience the God of You by filling up your time with doing. Take time to BE. That is where all creation begins.


Love yourself enough to create the time to BE. Know you are God in your own creation.


Even God rested.