The day we pulled up to join the kids at the beautiful Hawaiian house we are staying in, we were greeted by the scrawniest, most sickly looking black kitty I have ever seen. Her little face was so thin it looked Satanic.
Gabrielle named her Sadie because “It just was too sick to call Satan.” She had already picked up cat food and was feeding her when we arrived. “Good,” I thought to myself, “I trained her well to care.”
Since we have been here, we have lovingly put out wet and dry food for this frightened little being. It took us two days to realize that the wild chickens on the property were scaring her away from the food, so we took turns standing in the yard to hold them at bay while she gobbled down every morsel she could.
Now we are approaching our departure date, and my heart is heavy that no one will be here to nurture this little furry soul. We have calls in to organizations, but every place we have found is a kill shelter if no home can be found. What do I do with my responsibility around this? As I write this, I don’t have the answer. So we are going to the channel.
The first thing I hear is The Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
But I CAN change this, I thought. I heard, ” No. Take the steps you can take, and then let go. Trust. The cat found you, didn’t she?”
It made me tear up. I wanted to save her. I want to save everyone. Help everyone. Love everyone. The Voice replied, “Helping and loving isn’t saving. Saving is egotistical.”
Okay. That stopped me cold.  And then I remembered the statement from The I Am Discourses: I release you to your own I Am Presence.
Even the black kitty? Absolutely. Let go and let God (all thought, all possibility and all space in between.) Know this kitty is resourceful and taken care of.
It made me sad. I felt empty. But I understood how this saving thing was feeding ME  I had to let go and Know and TRUST that all is in Divine Purpose. What a huge lesson as I am leaving my beautiful Hawaii. All is well in this world.
Blessings, Dee