The information that came in during the last webinar, BEING THE ONE ENERGY, was so expansive and enlightening that I have to share just some of the information with you for your expansion and empowerment.


Here are the highlights:


1) The highest word for God is Energy

2) There are 8 parallel Universes. Three now are on the equal level with our consciousness on this plane. Five are expanded consciousness. We are existing ion them all.

3) When we do not use ALL the brain of the multiverse (within us), that is the definition of dementia.

4) We must be present in our Knowing that when we direct energy, we are directing all the vastness of the Multiverse. That means the entirety of space, time, matter, energy and information.

5) We are creating God (energy). We are not being created by God (energy).  We create with our consciousness. The more present we are in directing the positive, through love, the more the Multiverse expands and thrives.

6) BEING LOVE is the greatest purpose to achieve.

7) Whatever you want to create happens WITHIN YOU FIRST and is then signaled to the Universe.

8) The most powerful statement that came in is:  I Am the Powerful Energy that directs the Unification of all Universes of my higher selves, in Divine Love, which equals the totality of Creation to Higher Love.


There was so much more, but those will get you started in expanding your understanding of the vast energy you are directing! If you would like to access this amazing webinar, you can find it here.