If you didn’t hear Sunday’s show, please listen here so you will have reference for this Eblast:


This is the latest in the expansion of the work around the IDF Patterns. We are on a fast track to making our freedom of creation easier and more inclusive. This is the latest update:


1) We have been, for years, working with Core Beliefs that have limited us in numerous ways.

2) That ultimately led to information regarding, IDF Patterns, which are pockets of energy belief systems made up of several core beliefs that create patterns of limitation in our creation.

3) Just last week, we were given the information that we all have 1 belief system from our mother, and 1 belief systems from our father, that have been passed down throughout time and have been limiting our creation. Bringing those into the positive re-direction of what we intend creates freedom in every core belief on the sheet and beyond.

4) These 2 beliefs have been limiting our relationship with Source and our creative powers.

5) These two beliefs (one from Mother, one from Father) have been our resistance to moving into our Freedom.


When we claim the opposite positives with joy and love and excitement, we RE-DIRECT those beliefs into the new, empowering beliefs of our CHOICE. It is possible to fully redirect within a week’s time if we stay conscious and present and in love consistently in our direction.


These are exciting times. Let’s all play fully in this adventure!