We must have turned a really big corner in the expansion of the work, because amazing things are being downloaded to us.
First of all, it was my understanding up to this point that we choose our parents/immediate families because they represent what we DID NOT want, so we would wake up to what we DO want.
This week, however, I had information come through in a private session that the son had chosen his IMMEDIATE family because they represented what he DID want, but there was a lineage belief of betrayal with creation that was a part of his extended family. It was, literally, a belief SYSTEM, shared in the lineage of the family, that he needed to break from. We were asked to claim for all our children, in all dimensions and time and space: I set my little child free. We used the light of love and sent it to all that energy. This, the channel said, breaks the cycle of lineage belief systems.
If that wasn’t enough….
In another session, this new core belief was delivered to us: I cannot create with other energy. Obviously, that is the ONLY way we create, by working with our energy and other energy in Recigive ( the giving and receiving of energy simultaneously.) The positive claim: I am free to create with all energy. Whohoo!
And then, personally, I set up an experience for myself that confirmed everything I teach: I dropped in to a very old pattern of anger and hurt regarding something that happened to me thirty years ago. All this #MeToo movement was the catalyst that erupted all those old, but still very raw, emotions.  That happened , and the next night I woke up sick with diarrhea. Talk about a metaphor for witnessing what your old poop does when it is not actually healed. I did the work, heard clearly what it was tied into, and acknowledged to my energy that if this was going to cause illness in my body…..it wasn’t worth holding on to. I used the light, and within four hours I was fine. Ahhh, yes, the teacher keeps learning what she teaches. Gotta love it.

We are, literally, setting ourselves free. And we have to know and claim that when we DO set ourselves free, we come alive in health, wealth, relationships and success. Know that when you are free, you win. In every way. Be brave walking into your freedom. Know the Universe supports you.

And then….GO!!!!!
Blessings, Dee