It’s here. The new beginning. The new hopes. The resurrected dreams. The waited-for opportunities.


Because man took the responsibility to create, the God of Man could follow through with the amazing creation of a vaccine in record time. It wasn’t an either/or creation. It was the great partnership between man/God that created this into being. We chose to find an answer, we committed ourselves, we worked together as ONE force. We asked the Universe to partner with us. And now, because of our group intention, we again “see the light.”


Now begs the question: Will we abandon the light again, forgetting we are One, or will we live the lessons of self-creation, unity, adaptation and Love? Will we finally, and completely, accept that we are the ones that choose love and joy to create the good for all? Will we choose to keep our hearts open, to give, to receive, and to create consciously?


I claim we will. I claim we ARE. Now, and consistently.


When we stand in our Knowing of this Truth, we are never threatened by another opposing choice or belief, because we know that nothing…absolutely nothing…can undermine our creation unless our belief systems allow that to happen. We are the Gods of Us that choose, commit, feel love and joy, and co-create with the Universe.


So as we go into 2021, let us be conscious in our strong, determined, clear claim: Today, and every day, I consciously create my life of love, power through Divine Love, health and wellness in all subjects of my life, awesome money flow, joy, knowing and clarity in this New Year. I Am open to all the magical possibilities the Universe is bringing me, and I joyously accept them now and consistently!