I just watched the above titled special. I was moved on several accounts. I was moved that The President participated. I was moved that African American citizens and police officers participated. I was moved at how balanced and equal the presentation was. And I was moved that my country is a country that allows, and even encourages and produces, opportunities for all her citizens to come together to discuss and help find solutions to the issues that are challenging us the most.

I am moved that on all fronts, people are coming together in agreement that hate, separateness, and fear will not ever, in any way, create the country, the lives and the futures that we all want. It is, again, love, that must triumph. So what is in our way of simply…living love? Here is what the channel has to offer:

1) Ours hearts are closed. Why? Fear. Of what? Death. And so we close our hearts in protection, when that is the very act that will create the downfall.

2) We won’t let go of the past stories: of slavery (both sides) of mistrust (both sides) of superiority and disgust.  We need to let go of the past and, and we need to hold on to the fact that all people have the right of self-creation and the pursuit of happiness.

3) We don’t know HOW TO DEFINE the right to the pursuit of happiness because we keep holding on to the definitions and beliefs in inequality, thereby subliminally inferring that some do not have the right (or the education or the integrity) to decide what that is, without infringing on the rights of others. And so…how do we define what a person’s right is without one having superiority over another?

The highest answer is: the choice of equal. No one is focusing on “equal.” Everyone is focused on “differences.” How do we come together in our differences,” keeps the focus on…the differences.  Not the equality.

When a White or Latino or African American or Middle Eastern mother loses her child to violence, the grief is…equal. The loss is equal. The hate and the total inability to understand…are equal. This hour brought that message to life, as we made the first steps in coming together toward what we want: a safe world of equality for our kids. For ourselves.  It was a great start to the discussion of what must continue to be contemplated and created. And the more we all live in love, the faster it will happen. What are we waiting for? What do we need to give up to just move into love? Why is it so hard? Perhaps because we are still holding onto that message from the play, The Book of Mormon: these are my beliefs and you have to live by them. This negates the concept of equality.

I urge you to go out this week and look for places to be love and acknowledge equality. Acknowledge the universal need for love and understanding and peace. Only then can we truly create the word “together.”

Blessings, Dee