I always love doing affiliate programs for Jennifer McLean and John Burgos.   

First of all, they’re friends! They are always in high integrity, and always put service first. That’s a pretty perfect match to who I Am.   

And I want to give you all … anyone who is still struggling with believing it’s OK to exchange financial remuneration for your services … remember, if service through love is your first and primary intention, you are duty bound according to the creation process to receive compensation, which allows the completion of giving>receiving>giving>receiving. 

But the greatest gift I always receive is doing a large ordering of private, channeled emails around a particular subject.   

This is always life changing for me, because I get to see first-hand the biggest issues presenting themselves to be addressed by the majority of energy. After doing about 50 of these sessions to date, the following four issues are the most prevalent ones to address for all of us: 

1) Know how creation works. Our thoughts, feelings, perspectives, fears, judgement, loves ALL HAVE AN ELECTRICAL SIGNAL. The signal is sent out to the Ionosphere and gets bounced back to us (like a radio signal) and creates that same signal as the reality of you and your life.  If you put out, “I am a victim”, that is the signal returned to you and you keep creating that. If you put out the signal, “I am a successful creator”, you get THAT signal returned to you as your reality! Ergo, YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, ETC., before your life changes! 

2) We must ABSOLUTELY accept and know that we are the creators of ourselves and our lives. We need to direct ourselves daily, “I know and accept that I Am the creation of me.” 

3) We need to direct daily, “I Am the power, the love, the joy and the choice that creates me and my life.  My heart is open.” It’s important to keep both our hearts and chakras open to allow the energy to move! 

4) We are being asked to direct our brains, and all our energy existing in all dimensions and time, to be integrated and working as one whole around the Knowing of all the above. 

Without these things in place, the creation process must be limited in some way.   

After all, the Universe has to know your power behind your choice so it can answer the call!   

Let’s create 2020 with these in place for a powerful, positive year!     


“What I view life like is about energy. Everything is about energy.  Everything. We physically are little units of electrical electrical energy, and we vibrate and project electromagnetic energy.”            

-John Trudell