…WAS FAR MORE THAN WE REALIZED WHEN WE DID IT! The following is what has transpired since then:

* What was given to us is actually a plan to INTEGRATE all ourselves so we can be focused on ONE thing (regarding any subject). Right now we are “fighting ourselves and arguing against ourselves” and thwarting our creation and manifestation. All of us need to be United. So, the page given to us are directions on how to integrate so we can create…which is the very act of creation Itself.

* We must bring back/call back any and all parts of our energy that may have broken off because of trauma. Or because of other energy attacking us (like an alcoholic, abusive energy). We may have allowed parts of us to be sent off, inadvertently thinking we were protecting ourselves. We must call those parts back.

* Any and all “negative” energy must be commanded back to the light, be turned back into light, and redirected to Divine Love as the light.

* We focus on uniting all belief systems within us. We choose what we want to believe.

*All imbalances (physical/mental/emotional/chemical/cosmic/inter-dimensional) come from this lack of Integration, which is a lack of Knowing. You cannot “Know” if you are divided. A house divided against Itself falls. It is the age old battle of yin/yang. Opposing energies. Good/evil. The angel and the devil. Us against Us. An example of this is: I want money but rich people are bad/not on my side/not nice. Another example: I know I create me but this just happens when you start to get older. Another: I want to make it big but I don’t want to work for it OR making it big costs you allot personally OR making it big just gets taken away from you etc., etc. All opposing beliefs thwart creation and manifestation.

So understand that the daily formula given to us is helping us to INTEGRATE so all of us are on the same side, working together. Everything given has to do with tuning the brain and teaching the subconscious to unite with our direction. It is an important step we are taking in our quest to shift permanently on this plane. Is it worth your time?

Blessings, Dee