Yep, you guessed it! The most wonderful time of the year! Whohoooooo,yippeeeeee, and hallelujah!
The little girl in me is lighting up with anticipation as the magic day approaches. Memories of my daddy and my brothers and I decorating the front porch with any and all kinds of cheap, home-made decorations, trimming the tree and having to place each and every strand of tinsel on one by one as instructed, making gifts and buying what we could… many great memories! We didn’t have much money, and it simply didn’t matter.
I always felt like we did. Which is kind of the core of all our magical teachings in conscious creation: what perspective do you want to CHOOSE?
I choose the perspective the the Christmas Stocking. There is a special one for each person. It doesn’t hold much, but it is filled with small gifts of love and candy and silly gag gifts to make you laugh. I love taking things out one by one and guessing which special Santa in my life might just have dropped that particular goodie in my stocking. And I love BEING the special Santa that find.


Blessings, Dee