I was at the flower mart. I had painstakingly gone the week before to order just what I needed for Gabrielle’s bridal shower. I had purchased from the gentleman before, and so did not follow that still small voice that said, “Get his number and call on Thursday to verify.” First choice I made in setting myself up. I did not take responsibility for listening to my guidance.

Today I went to pick up the flowers. The shower is tomorrow. A different man was there handling the booth. He didn’t know what I was talking about. Before I knew it, I was pissed off. Second choice I didn’t make in my self creation.

He called the other vendor, and was directed to where the order was…in the lock box…unfilled. They didn’t even have half of the flowers that I needed. In a gentle way, I will say I lost it. I left and headed for another vendor whom, luckily, had what I needed. As I passed the original stand, the man looked at me and said, “You shouldn’t get so stressed out. We all are responsible for how happy we are.” Well, that stopped me. I took a beat. He was right. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd…

I looked at him, acknowledged his truth, and then replied, “And wherever you learned this truth should be teaching you that responsibility in keeping your word goes pretty far in your self creation, also.”

Dropping the ball seems to be running rampant throughout our society. But I know when it comes into my own life, I better look at my own responsibility and where I am “dropping the ball.” Of course, the first place I looked was my responsibility to everyone else. I am one of the most responsible people in the world. I try to make my word my bond. And then it hit me: it was responsibility to myself. Walking the talk. Not choosing love and moving into reaction. Not staying in the moment.  Being responsible to the God of Me.

And of course, this comes back to self-love. If I truly AM the frequency of love, I always am responsible to the truth of that frequency. I just don’t talk about it. I live it, because I Am It.

I want you to know that walking yourself through mining these very core beliefs can wreak havoc on you: moodiness, actually NOT loving yourself for your lapses, body pain while things are moving out, and a need to sequester yourself away. Please balance the belief: “Someone or something has to take my power away. I direct that I am the frequency of love. I am the God that Is. I Am my power, and all energy rushes forward to support me in the creation of me as power. Including myself. In this I speak my truth.” Direct your bodies and energy systems to handle this transition easily and effortlessly, and that we feeeeeel being free in this new energy.

Walk your talk, guys. The time of study is over. The time of expansion is here. Live the truth of who you are. 

Blessings, Dee