OK…get ready for my Baptist Preacher! I am like…over it. There are so many people in my life that are not taking responsibility for themselves and wondering why the hell
“life is doing this to me.” If we don’t accept that we create for ourselves, and keep pointing the finger at others and never explore our own creational responsibility, life will bloody keep doing the same thing “to us” because WE haven’t changed anything!

You cannot lie to your family (and do hurtful things behind their backs) and expect that they will continue to open their arms and support you in life.

You cannot drug yourself to death, or drink yourself to death and expect that, ultimately, the price everyone around you pays will not turn against you – because they will “love me anyway.”

You cannot continue to put all the responsibility for YOU onto others and expect them to not become resentful.

Who we are and the choices we make affect everyone around us, and have responses and repercussions from all other energy. If we’ve made the bed, we have to lie in that dirty, messed up, out-of-integrity bed and wallow in the crap we have created. Maybe if we wallow enough, we’ll wake up, get a hold of ourselves, and clean up our act!

You know what happens when you affect others this way?  They feel sad. They feel mad. They feel resentful. And most importantly—–THEY WANT TO SAVE YOU. And they can’t and it’s not their responsibility anyway. It’s not fair to the people you love. I know. I’m one of them. And after my sadness and despair and guilt, I got mad as hell and I don’t want to take it anymore.

I think that the world is coming to this precipice also. We just don’t want to take the bullshit of lack of responsibility from the government, from society and most of all, from each other. Maybe that’s what the Populist Movement is all about. The conundrum is, however, how can we move ahead to be the country of the people, for the people, and by the people without choosing to take responsibility for the PERSON? Not possible.  Talk is cheap, my beautiful people. Walking your talk is what it’s about. Where do you get to take responsibility for you this week? Do it. I promise you, your life…and the lives of people around you…will change forever.

Blessings, Dee