For those of you that have seen Hamilton, you know this reference. It’s sung by the actor playing the character of Aaron Burr, and it refers to his wish that he had been “in the room where it happened”, referring to the room where the Compromise of 1790 occurred. He wished he had been part of the discussion and the creation of their unity and agreement, which would eventually become the document that would represent the greatest idea the world had ever known: democracy. A country of the people, for the people, and by the people.


In many ways, that same decision is upon us now. Our country is divided. We are at odds with one another. And a house divided against Itself … falls. We do not want to sit back and wish we had been a part of creating where this country goes from here. We want to be a part of the “room” where we create the legacy, the law, the government and the liberty we desire.


So I am asking you: how involved are you in “writing” the future? Are you so involved with self that you are not creating energetically for the whole? Are you making calls, donating time or money, calling your congressmen, marching, signing petitions? All these actions make a difference, and all these actions make your voice heard. You ARE the room where it happens. Right now. Direct unity, love and peace. The energy must follow. BE the change. BE the room where it all happens.