This Christmas season, Divine Love takes on a whole different meaning. The “season of Divine Love” has always meant a period of weeks where we drop our differences, move into love, and come together … only to return to the normal judgement and angst a few short weeks later.


But, according to the channel, we are being directed to claim/direct everything AS Divine: I Am Divine Money, I Am Divine Love. I Am Divine Health, I Am Divine Relationships, I Am Divine Success, I Am Divine.


As we know, however we define ourselves is a strong direction to our energy to take form. So, directing our claims, all of them, as Divine, directs them as, and with, and through, the strongest frequency available to us in the Creation Process: unconditional and forgiving love.  Right now, much of our love is conditional: a tit-for-tat if you will. I will love you if … I will love me if … I will love what I want to create if …


But that is not unconditional. That is not Divine Love. And Divine Love is what we are being asked to step into to BE that frequency.


Join me in starting out the New Year as the most powerful frequency in Creation: Divine Love. This IS the greatest creative year in our history. We will rise to BE It!