So here we are, entering into my favorite time of the year. After every Christmas I start looking forward in January to the next Christmas season. I even have a Christmas closet in which I start secretly stashing things away throughout the year. I anticipate with glee getting all my girlfriends together for my birthday lunch, and hiring carolers for my tree trimming party, and planning Christmas dinner for my family and close friends.


This year, none of those traditions are possible. I suppose no one is going to slam me in jail if I proceed, but I have too much respect for the greater good and my part in it to not abide by the guidelines for mankind’s safety.


So, this year, I will focus on what I can give, and where I can share. I will hold closely my daughter and my family in thanks and love. I will be grateful we have a beautiful space to trim a tree … just us. I will revel in making a full Christmas dinner for the closest and most special people in my life. This year, I will CHOOSE to be merry, no matter what. This year I will ask what joy and love I can create within the CDC guidelines set up for us. I will decorate my house, even if it is just for me. Because I love me, and I love Christmas, and so I will give to me all the Christmas joy possible.


Yes, this year will be different. Can we accept that, instead of resist it? Can we love ourselves enough to choose joy and love and merriment and contentment no matter what? Yes, we can.


Will we?




“There is no fear when you choose love. The more you choose love, the more love is in your life. It gets easier and easier.”

-Melissa Etheridge