OK. So this is everywhere around me: myself, my assistant, my daughter, my clients.  

This is a biggie. So open your hearts, let go of your reactions, and claim that we are absolutely getting the right and highest answers.

Here’s the thing: we are asking for what we want WHILE we are judging the energy we are asking as “being against us”, or “not on our side”.  

In other words, we are walking into the “room” of the Universe and declaring: I want you to give me everything I want but I don’t trust you and in fact I kinda sorta expect you to screw me over.”

Riiiiiiiiight. THAT’S going to be an answer to our successful creations!

And don’t tell me there are no places in your life that this doesn’t happen. We all have them. They build up from childhood, we create our lives from those belief systems, and then it APPEARS that that is the truth of our realities. And it is … because we have created those realities! We have them about relationships, money, moving ahead, beautiful health. For example, do you trust your body to always be there in health for you? Yep. I rest my case.

So PLEEEEEEZE, stop.  

Ask yourself how much you trust the energy you are working and creating with: doctor/patient, actor, director, money/banks, body/health.  

Remember, if you are in judgement and lack of trust, you cannot create with the energy you are asking to partner with.  

Go to Love.  

Go to Knowing.  

Watch your creation begin to shift into manifestation.


“I love when things are transparent, free and clear of all inhibition and judgement.”  

-Pharrell Williams