We want to begin manifesting for the New Year right now. Here are the signals we want to shoot from our Energy within to the Creative Force:


1) I Am the Powerful God of Me who always blesses me with my own creation.

2) I know exactly what I want and I create it.


It is imperative to understand that these signals are the most powerful when they are matched and sent with the feeling and power of love behind them. You are not sending out these signals to “make it happen”, or to “get something”. You are sending them out to feel the power of love, and to be in the experience of it.


And, obviously, we need to know exactly what it is we want to create. Write down these subjects: Health, Money, Success, and Relationships. Now write down EVERYthing you desire in that subject. Then write down your predominant beliefs you were taught when you were little about creating those desires. Then re-write them in the positive so you can consciously re-direct your brain and energy to focus on what you ARE CREATING.


Example: MONEY: I desire $175,000 in income this year/to handle my money wisely and respectfully/to live in the consciousness that I Am abundant and always have more than enough.

WHAT I WAS TAUGHT: There is never enough money/you have to struggle for the money you make and then you just make ends meet/too much money makes you a bad person

RE-WRITE: I Am the God of Me who always creates more than enough money/money comes to me easily and joyfully/my consciousness uses my money with love and sharing and joy for myself and all


Now … it’s up to YOU to put all this into practice. Daily. Without an agenda. With lots of love attached. Then allow the greatness of the Creative Force to create with you … all the desires of your heart.