Have you noticed? Things are moving faster, technology is taking over even the theme parks, rare, weird physical and mental challenges are arising. Truth is coming out. Fear is less heightened.


Some “negative.” Some “positive.” But the channel hastens to remind us that we get to choose our perspective and “call it all good.” It is reassuring us that is the seeming chaos there is actually a re-balancing going on.¬†Universes and planes of energy are merging together to create in harmony now. The CHALLENGE for us is to be conscious of what we are directing so the multitudes of energy can work together, in harmony, for the powerful positive.


I love that phrase: POWERFUL POSITIVE. We are directing all energy (all Universes, multiverses, planes, dimensions … all energy (and everything is energy) to create Itself as the POWERFUL POSITIVE EXPRESSION OF ALL THAT IS.

Remember, WE are the original creators here. Everything begins within us.

I want you to start using your light. Go within. See and feel the light within you. Nurture it. Increase your awareness of it. Feel the power of your light. And start using it in your self creation.

Remember, the first message I ever received from the channel was, “Use the light within you to heal yourself.” Start acquainting yourself with your light, which is you. It is a POWERFUL POSITIVE FORCE in your creation.