I’m done. I’m over it. Whatever this is, must be a gigantic pony in the poop.
There is a theme going on around not being able to see the truth of who someone really is. At least, that’s what it APPEARED to be.
1) my daughter’s ex-husband who everyone loved and trusted having an affair before even two years of marriage… and
2) my NEW assistant just not showing up with no calls, explanations etc..
What the hell is going on? I trusted and believed in both these people!
If I walk the talk, there has to be something within me that “doesn’t want to see the truth.” Wishful thinking. Seeing what I want to see. But the channel had more discerning information.
What is the core within ME that needs to be cleared up so I attract WHAT I WANT: dependable, caring, efficient people who want to take care of me and my business and be happy doing it!
And this is where I was led:
1) I’m not asking the right question, which is: Why won’t I let someone take care of me? Now, what is really funny is those were the exact words I used in frustration: Why can’t I find anyone to take care of me (as in my office/business.)
2) So now we have the right question, the answer to it is: I believe I’ve missed my shot, it’s too late, I’m too old etc.. It comes from a multitude of societal, religious and family indoctrination. Hell, even MEN are supposed to retire when they’re 70! This leads to an even deeper core belief: I CAN NEVER BE THE GOD OF ME AFTER A CERTAIN AGE. Creation stops and you coast. Great.
You can see how this deep belief would keep you from expanding, and if you are not going to expand why would you need an assistant who will help you do that? But what about my daughter’s ex-husband? How does the belief play out with him? Because I didn’t create what I wanted for her! Now, I know we don’t create for another person, but we DO model and teach them which is how they learn to create. She’s dealing with an addendum of mine: I need other people to help create me. So, those people have to fall away so she can get what we are all here to learn: we create ourselves.
I realized that when I lost a very big acting gig two weeks ago, that fleeting thought of “here we go again. I thought I had that,” flew through my thought pattern. It did two things: made me know it was POSSIBLE to create again, AND ignited in me that belief about age and not creating again. I was conscious of it, and shifted it constantly, but hadn’t gotten to this very buried, extended belief about age. The humor here is that I didn’t get it because they went older! You gotta love how it all works.

So let’s come together to claim and believe that every day is the day we get to continue creating. It is never too late. It is never too early. You haven’t missed your shot if you are busy creating it. Then we are never victims again. We are conscious creators, forever.

Blessings, Dee