In the last webinar, Ask Any Question, the channel outlined more specifically and brilliantly how energy and creation work. And basically, the hard truth was: the Universe is creating Itself from our signals.


Yeah, read that again: the Universe, and the climate, and the governments, and the health, and the money are all creating themselves FROM THE SIGNAL WE ARE PUTTING OUT.  What we are focusing on. What our perspectives are. How we feel. The perceptions of the world we hold.


So, as the song goes, don’t “wait for the world to change”. We must shift US, or the world doesn’t shift. Let us see a world of harmony, a world of love, a world of communication, a world of enough, a world of climate balance. We must, LITERALLY, see the world we want to create the world we want.


Please. Take a moment to truthfully be aware of what you are focused on, and pick a new focus and belief system that will give you the world you want! Remember, the Universe is listening and feeling with you. For the sake of our children, and their children to come, we must WAKE UP NOW!



Click here to listen to the replay of the “Ask Any Question” Webinar!