You ARE going to vote, right? Whether you feel empowered or disgusted, you need to vote. Here’s why.

Voting is much like tithing. If you don’t tithe, you think you don’t have enough and that creates more not enough. If you don’t vote, that means you think you don’t count, and you get to count even less.

The channel wants you to know this:

The world is built on balance. All of nature, down to the hormones in your body, is searching for balance. It will always strive to regain it.       

When there is a lack of balance, or checks and balances, if you will, the order of things goes off course. Bugs take over, crops diminish, weather patterns become severe. You get the picture, we loose our balance.       

We must return our country to a place where checks and balances are in place, or be at peace with being eaten up in an insurgence of locusts.

Energy must flow in an open space for creation to happen: hearts must be open, chakras must be open, intentions must be clear.       

Voting from reaction and fear does NOT create that.       

NOT voting because you think you don’t count or from the standpoint of “what’s the use,” emboldens the imbalance even more. You create what you do not want.    

And finally, not voting=I don’t know I have power in my creation and in my world. 

Not in this community!

In this community we claim our power to create love everywhere, and create WITH love everywhere!  

So vote. With love. Be the powerful you that has a voice in this world! You ARE the difference. Vote!




“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they do this is by not voting.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt