You heard that right. There is an actual virus going around. It’s the energetic kind. And we continue to infect ourselves and others with it. 

I stumbled over this accidentally when a colleague called for help regarding this “funk” and “mi-lase” they were feeling. They realized that a lot of their clients were feeling this way also.

We then explored this weird pain I was getting in my head every evening. I couldn’t seem to connect it to any one, particular cause. Was it a virus that was activating? 

When we put all the information together, it was this: The Virus of Self Limitation.  

And we all have it, dormant or active. 

When I looked up the definition of virus in Webster’s Dictionary, you could have knocked me over. 

Ready? One of the definitions is, “A moral or intellectual poison; a corrupting influence.”

When we refuse to accept our power and our magnificence, we corrupt ourselves morally in the creation process. When we believe we are not good enough, deserving enough, or need to pay in some way for receiving our own good, we intellectually poison our real Knowing: I Am the God of Me. 

We know that physical viruses lie within us and get activated when our immune system is low. 

Spiritual and energetic viruses are the same. When we allow ourselves to fight against ourselves about the permission to be great, we weaken our energetic immune systems and allow old stories and messages and fears to take over our energy and weaken us.

Those of us truly on our path of owning our greatness are having to face this virus of Self Limitation right now. We are being called to keep our energy strong with powerful choices, bold decisions, and joyful actions, and encourage ourselves into the expansion we want. 

That’s how the Virus of Self Limitation cannot activate within us and create Us vs Us. That is when we are all Us for Us with love and joy and excitement that moves us into the lives we are choosing.  

That’s how you create a healthy energetic immune system! 

Let’s make it a vibrantly healthy year in every way. You deserve what you want.




“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. “

– Ferdinand Foch